Chaya (254) / 01-05-2014

Chaya  (254) / 01-05-2014

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Sri Lanka mulls reopening airports from August 1
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

COLOMBO (News1st) : The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 has recommended reopening airports from August 1, ending a three-month long shutdown following the outbreak of the coronavirus. “The committee members had pointed out that no coronavirus patients have been reported since April 30 from the...

SLC suspends national cricketer following drug arrest
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

COLOMBO (News1st): Sri Lanka has suspended a national cricketer from all forms of cricket after being remanded over drug-related charges. “The decision to suspend will remain intact until a full inquiry is conducted by Sri Lanka Cricket into the matter,” the local cricketing authority said in a ...

Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 infections reach 1201
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

COLOMBO (News1st) : Sri Lanka’s coronavirus infections rose to 1201 after 19 patients tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, official figures showed. According to the health ministry, 479 patients are currently receiving treatment while 712 have recovered since the virus started spreading in th...

State universities to reopen for final year medical students
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

COLOMBO (News1st) : All state universities will be re-opened from June 15 for final year students of medical faculties, the University Grants Commission (UGC) said on Tuesday. This decision had been reached to conduct the exams for these students, UGC Chairman Professor Sampath Amaratunge told repor...

Sri Lanka urges action against leptospirosis amidst surge warnings
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

COLOMBO (News1st): Sri Lankan health authorities have urged preventive action against the leptospirosis disease, warning that cases could spike amidst a cultivation season in the island nation. At least 10 people have died this year while 1800 have been infected due to leptospirosis which is spread ...

Romanian Labor Minister looking for job offers for stranded Sri Lankans in Botoşani.
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2020

Colombo (News 1st); The Romanian Minister of Labor, Violeta Alexandru is seeking for job offers on Facebook for 36 Sri Lankan workers who were laid off by their employer in the Romanian Town of Botoşani. The contracts of these 36 Sri Lankans were terminated by the employer following COVID-19 conce...

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